Thursday, 22 March 2012

Occupational Disruption - short film

As a group we decided on the definition of "Occupational distruption.  Christiansen & Townsend (2010), defines it as "A Transient or temporary condition of being restricted from participation in necessary or meaningful occupations, such as that caused by illness, temporary".  We came up with ideas for a script and thought that being students, it would be appropriate to film a scenario that could impact our own lives of studying. The film needed to be 1 minute long and involved the whole group being, Alisha, Astrid, Aldrin and myself..
After deciding on the story line we discussed different locations to film and what props were need and who could supply what. Once we had the location to film and script agreed upon we then transposed our ideas on to a storyboard. These were helpful in getting ideas from our head onto paper. It then provided us with a framework for filming. We decided on the day of filming what roles each of us would take. It was decided that I would do the part of falling down the stairs, as a couple of years ago I had the exact same accident so had good knowledge of how it felt and how it happened.  Aldrin had experience with using a hand-held video and Astrid and Alisha become part of the script.
As we started the process of filming the story, everything fell into place very easily.  Alisha volunteered to process the film for us all to access for placing it on our blogs.  The result as seen above.

Christiansen, C. H., & Townsend, E. A. (2010). Introduction to occupation: the art and science of living (2nd ed.). New Jersey, USA: Pearson Education Inc


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